Denture Instructions

Dentures are used when a person needs to replace all of their teeth. They can be made to match your original teeth’s shape and shade or enlightened for a brighter smile.

Occasionally, your mouth must adjust to a new set of full or partial dentures. Initially, they may feel snug or foreign while speaking and eating. For a quicker adjustment period, follow these instructions:

1) At first, wear your dentures all the time.
2) Do not use adhesive unless your doctor advises you to do so.
3) You should remove your dentures when you go to sleep.
4) After removing dentures, clean with a toothbrush and place in a bowl of water. They can be soaked in a commercial denture cleanser, but brushing them is essential.
5) Any signs of "sore spots," discomfort, or looseness that is causing you difficulty should be brought to your doctors attention.

Never adjust the dentures yourself. Every person and every mouth is different; therefore, adjustment periods will vary.

Please remember that it will take time for you to become completely comfortable with your new teeth.
Dental Education Video - Dentures
Dental Education Video - Dentures

Dr. Tawill DDS - Denture Instructions