Armourbite Mouthguards

The Under Armour Armourbite Mouthguard is the next step in mouthguard technology. This mouthguard was constructed to protect you from booming hits, but also to make your performance better. You might be asking how that is possible, but studies have shown that this mouthguard increases strength, endurance, and reaction time. Can you really afford not to have an Armourbitemouthguard?

  • Made for all contact sports
  • Form fitting EVA around double-shot Armourbite Power Wedges
    • This reduces Cortisol-A performance decreasing hormone that the body releases when it's stressed.
    • This translates into improved strength, endurance, and reaction time.
  • Reduces G-force impact to the jaw by 20%
  • Patented Antimicrobial technology to protect from germs
  • Includes fitting tool
  • Includes Mouthguard strap. Yellow logo plug can be swapped with fitting tool or strap
  • $32,000 Dental Warranty

Dr. Tawill DDS - Armourbite Mouthguards